Asian kiss :*


He doesn’t shut up about you, actually. Like, ever. - Elliott Gilbert, New New York

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chris and darren were wearing matching bracelets yesterday

chris’ is blue

darren’s is pink

i’m gone

They’re very different, in a Yin-Yang way: Chris is a quiet, self-effacing craftsman who goes about his business of perfecting the almost lost art of extremely subtle acting for the camera — he’s aware, I think, of how a tiny shift of the planes of his face convey his thoughts and emotions; Darren is cheerfully and robustly conquering the world with a tireless energy for the many things heaped on his plate all at once.

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BTS vs. Episode 1/?

"I think we have great chemistry because we’re both huge nerds, and we’ll both tell you for hours like all the nerdy things that we’ll do, and we’ll do together, and the same ‘Harry Potter’ this, ‘Star Wars’ that, stuff that we’re into. So then we kind of bonded over just both being huge geeks"

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G4 Darren Criss Q&A x/x/x/x/x

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